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This is a protocol for secure communication (chats, files, data from the client to the client, data from the client to the servers, remote management of any client by password, and the like).
Current status:
Beta version release: - done
Add delete old SubClient users - done
Add new menu and logo for console - done
Add more logs info to the logfile.txt - done
Add log file with file, function, code line - done
Add get online subclients list for current user - done
Add get subclients list for current user - done
Add select functional menu for console - done
Add change subclient alias function - done
Add read server name from file - done
Add read default AES vector from file - done
Add keys exchange on fly - done
Add ping command to server - done
Client/Server data exchange - done
Add subclients registration for username - done
Users registration - done
RSA key exchange on fly - done
AES-256 strong encryption channel
Inflate/Deflate - compression of transmitted data - done
Shorthand masking of transmitted data - done
Encapsulation of data in any data transfer protocol - done

Cryptone protocol sources:
Cryptone sublibs:

Presentation about Cryptoprotocol from 2600 Moscow:

Cryptoprotocol User registration client/server handshake and decryption of cryptography and keys exchange scheme ON RUSSIAN:

Project server: