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- Stop ie6 clients from using the app. Too many browser rendering bugs make it impractical to support.
- Firefox throws security certificate error. "The certificate is not trusted because no issuer
chain was provided.(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)".
- Buttons and gradients don't work in ie8 and possibly other browsers.
- (URGENT) Form data not being submitted in ie8 (possibly other ie browsers). Renders app inoperable.
- Horizontal scroll bar visible in Phase 2 iframe in firefox (padding takes content width over 100%?)
- Clicking labels of form fields sometimes selects text
- Horizontal scrollbar visible in all pages.
- Phase 2 progressbar broken in firefox
- D3 performance is, in general, awful EXCEPT on chrome with relatively high end hardware. Disabling
AA has little/no effect in firefox for example, which crawls. Needs to be a popup window with some
pretty severe disclaimers at least. Will attempt graphml implementation to compare.
- NodeXL doesnt like our GraphML, but Gephi does. Why?
- Other file they work? Probably not. NOT TESTED.