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Switch to the JSONExporter branch to see plugins for exporting networks to Sigma.js and JSON
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This repository contains a gephi plugin, SigmaExporter, to export a network from Gephi to a Sigma.js template. This allows the network to be explored interactively, searched, etc.

This repository has code to export a network in json format (data.json), display a dialog window to gather settings and write these to config.json. It then places these two files (data.json and config.json) into an existing template held as a zip file in this project. That template/zip file comes the network directory in the following repository
If anyone wishes to contribute changes to the HTML/JavaScript, please branch that repository.

This project was started by Scott A. Hale and Joshua Melville at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford. Further background information on the project is available on the project blog

The plugin is listed in the Gephi marketplace here. There is also a plugin to simply export a network into JSON format also contained within this repository and listed separately in the Gephi marketplace.

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