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TZComet: Tezos Contract Metadata

… currently running at …

Part of the development happens in a “monorepo”: oxheadalpha/flextesa-tzcomet-monorepo.


./ ensure setup    # Creates an opam switch
./ build all

⬑ if all goes well, last command should print out a link to open the app, like file://$PWD/_build/default/website/index.html.


The module Tzcomet_jsonm was copied from:

This fork of Jsonm fixes the stack overflow error that can occur when parsing large objects in JSOO.


This of course, requires push access to oxheadalpha/TZComet for it to impact (but one can make it happen in their own fork and it will be at <org-or-user>

First time, create a local gh-pages branch:

git branch gh-pages -t origin/gh-pages

To deploy the current working directory to /staging:

./ deploy togithub
# Current branch is now gh-pages
git push origin gh-pages
git checkout master # or back to where you were

(this calls does trigger the build).

To deploy origin/master to production:

prod=true ./ deploy togithub
# And push like for /staging

See Also

  • Agora post introducing the specification.
  • The TZIP-16 specification.