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tools updating indep test to incorporate WCI Jul 10, 2017


python code framework for kernel methods in hypothesis testing. some code on kernel computation was adapted from

To set up as a package run in terminal:

python develop


Code for HSIC-based large-scale independence tests. The methods are described in:

Q. Zhang, S. Filippi, A. Gretton, and D. Sejdinovic, Large-Scale Kernel Methods for Independence Testing, Statistics and Computing, to appear, 2017. url

For an example use of the code, demonstrating how to run an HSIC-based large-scale independence test on either simulated data or data loaded from a file, see

To reproduce results from the paper, see,,


Code for feature-to-feature regression for a two-step conditional independence tests (i.e. testing for weak conditional independence). The methods are described in:

Q. Zhang, S. Filippi, S. Flaxman, and D. Sejdinovic, Feature-to-Feature Regression for a Two-Step Conditional Independence Test, UAI, 2017.

To reproduce results from the paper, see,, (the nodes names correspond to the varibales in Synthetic_DAGexample.csv file, to run it for Boston Housing Data (BH_prewhiten.csv) or Ozone Data (Ozone_prewhiten.csv) simply change the label names in the script.)