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Veilleur is a simple api-based technology monitoring app that we use at Un zéro un.

It listens for Slack messages in a given channel, and when it contains an URL, it extract it with some tags.

Veilleur uses Docker, PHP7.2 and Symfony 3.4.


First, clone this repository and make sure you have Docker and Docker-compose installed.

Go to the Google developper console and create a new OAuth app.

You should allow the redirect urls to be 'http://HOSTNAME/login/check-google' and 'http://HOSTNAME/token'.

Then, move into the folder and copy the environment file

$ cd Veilleur
$ cp env.dist

Edit this file and fill out the blanks:

  • SLACK_WEB_API_TOKEN: Generate a Slack legacy token and write it there
  • SLACK_WEB_CHANNEL: Channel that need to be monitored
  • PASSPHRASE_KEY: Some passphrase you will use to generate the private key
  • TOKEN_TTL: Time before which the token has to be renewed
  • ADMIN_DOMAINS: JSON containing the domains that will automatically be admins

You'll then need to generate RSA keys. It will ask for the passphrase you set in the env file 3 times

$ make genkeys

Building the app

$ make build

Now that the app is built, we'll generate our database. Doing so, we'll need to run the project once

$ docker-compose -f up php database -d
$ make gendb
$ docker-compose stop

Now that everything is ready, you can start the app, or deploy it to your docker swarm

$ docker-compose -f up -d

Import slack messages

 $ make import

Listen for slack messages

 $ php bin/console veilleur:slack:receive


This project will eventually accept contribution, but it is a simple side-project built for personal use. I won't be actively maintaining it. That's said.

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