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See the newer fpx module

If you're looking for a similar board to this, checkout Sparkfun's Power Delivery Board.

fabpide2 is a PCB kit that breaks out Stand-alone USB PD sink controller STUSB4500 by STMicroelectronics.

You can buy this kit from tindie.

See my blog post for a bit of background.

Flashing configuration with Arduino

One way to use STUSB4500 is to flash desired PDO configurations in its NVM and it will work autonomously from then on. To use the chip in this manner:

  1. Open the arduino flasher in Arduino IDE.

  2. Install the Software I2C library in this repo on your Arduino IDE (via Sketch menu -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP library) — note: adding the library may automatically add #include lines at the top of the sketch - be sure to remove those

  3. Follow the comments on the top of the sketch.

Control via uC

Another way to use STUSB4500 is to connect it to an external uC to dynamically control the chip and respond to events.

Andrew has implemented an Arduino library called STUSB4500 which is available in the official Arduino IDE repository and can be installed from inside the IDE.

Is this open source?

Yes. You can find the gerber files for revision 2 under gerber/ directory.

I sell on Tindie


STUSB4500 Breakout — Stand-alone USB PD Sink Controller






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