Buffer/Byte pool for Go
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bpool GoDoc

Package bpool implements leaky pools of byte arrays and Buffers as bounded channels. It is based on the leaky buffer example from the Effective Go documentation: http://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html#leaky_buffer

bpool provides the following pool types:

  • bpool.BufferPool which provides a fixed-size pool of bytes.Buffers.
  • bpool.BytePool which provides a fixed-size pool of []byte slices with a pre-set width (length).
  • bpool.SizedBufferPool, which is an alternative to bpool.BufferPool that pre-sizes the capacity of buffers issued from the pool and discards buffers that have grown too large upon return.

A common use case for this package is to use buffers to execute HTML templates against (via ExecuteTemplate) or encode JSON into (via json.NewEncoder). This allows you to catch any rendering or marshalling errors prior to writing to a http.ResponseWriter, which helps to avoid writing incomplete or malformed data to the response.


go get github.com/oxtoacart/bpool


See godoc.org or use godoc github.com/oxtoacart/bpool


Here's a quick example for using bpool.BufferPool. We create a pool of the desired size, call the Get() method to obtain a buffer for use, and call Put(buf) to return the buffer to the pool.

var bufpool *bpool.BufferPool

func main() {

    bufpool = bpool.NewBufferPool(48)


func someFunction() error {

     // Get a buffer from the pool
     buf := bufpool.Get()
     // Return the buffer to the pool

     return nil


Apache 2.0 Licensed. See the LICENSE file for details.