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  • About Oxwall
  • Copyright
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Appearance
  • Oxwall Store


Oxwall is an open source social network platform, which supports a variety of community driven websites, from narrow fan clubs and local communities to extended social networking portals. It was designed and developed with a creative approach pursuing one purpose - to allow people running communities as easy as possible. Oxwall was launched in 2010 and is supported by a nonprofit organization Oxwall Foundation ( see ). For more information, visit Oxwall website at


Oxwall platform is licensed under Common Public Attribution License 1.0. In short the license states that: This software is open source and can be freely used, modified, and distributed; This software can be used for commercial purposes; Attribution to the authorship of this software in the source code files can not be waived under any circumstances; Attribution to the authorship of this software on the site frontend in the form of labels and hyperlinks can be waived with permission of the original author. Contact us if you need that for your project.

Legal information about Oxwall:


To get started you need to download Oxwall main package from The package includes the core of the platform and some additional modules (called plugins), such as Photo Uploading, Video Sharing, Instant Chat, Forum and Blogs. Every plugin can be enabled/disabled in the admin panel. Upload unpacked package with an FTP client, type http://www.mycommunity/install/ in your browser, and follow instructions. Oxwall core has numerous options, which allow site-specific configuration. In addition to predefined plugins, there are also many original and third-party plugins for extended functionality, not included in the main package.

More information:


The visual appearance of an Oxwall-powered site is defined by a selected theme (themes are extensions that set site’s fonts, color scheme, and layout). Oxwall default package includes several standard themes, with more themes available for download. Users can also create their own custom themes. Themes can be customized via the Admin Panel, using simple customization interface. Additional theme customization can be done with an FTP client.

More about themes:


Oxwall has it's own public Store with numerous themes and plugins available for download. Themes and plugins in the Store are created by the Oxwall Foundation team or third-party contributors. Users can share their plugins and themes with the community by submitting them to the Store.

More info about Oxwall Store: