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- Please pay attention to the version of SC2 you are using for your experiments. 
- Performance is *not* always comparable between versions. 
- The results in SMAC ( use SC2. not SC2.4.10.

Python MARL framework

PyMARL is WhiRL's framework for deep multi-agent reinforcement learning and includes implementations of the following algorithms:

PyMARL is written in PyTorch and uses SMAC as its environment.

Installation instructions

Build the Dockerfile using

cd docker

Set up StarCraft II and SMAC:


This will download SC2 into the 3rdparty folder and copy the maps necessary to run over.

The requirements.txt file can be used to install the necessary packages into a virtual environment (not recomended).

Run an experiment

python3 src/ --config=qmix --env-config=sc2 with env_args.map_name=2s3z

The config files act as defaults for an algorithm or environment.

They are all located in src/config. --config refers to the config files in src/config/algs --env-config refers to the config files in src/config/envs

To run experiments using the Docker container:

bash $GPU python3 src/ --config=qmix --env-config=sc2 with env_args.map_name=2s3z

All results will be stored in the Results folder.

The previous config files used for the SMAC Beta have the suffix _beta.

Saving and loading learnt models

Saving models

You can save the learnt models to disk by setting save_model = True, which is set to False by default. The frequency of saving models can be adjusted using save_model_interval configuration. Models will be saved in the result directory, under the folder called models. The directory corresponding each run will contain models saved throughout the experiment, each within a folder corresponding to the number of timesteps passed since starting the learning process.

Loading models

Learnt models can be loaded using the checkpoint_path parameter, after which the learning will proceed from the corresponding timestep.

Watching StarCraft II replays

save_replay option allows saving replays of models which are loaded using checkpoint_path. Once the model is successfully loaded, test_nepisode number of episodes are run on the test mode and a .SC2Replay file is saved in the Replay directory of StarCraft II. Please make sure to use the episode runner if you wish to save a replay, i.e., runner=episode. The name of the saved replay file starts with the given env_args.save_replay_prefix (map_name if empty), followed by the current timestamp.

The saved replays can be watched by double-clicking on them or using the following command:

python -m --norender --rgb_minimap_size 0 --replay NAME.SC2Replay

Note: Replays cannot be watched using the Linux version of StarCraft II. Please use either the Mac or Windows version of the StarCraft II client.


Documentation is a little sparse at the moment (but will improve!). Please raise an issue in this repo, or email Tabish

Citing PyMARL

If you use PyMARL in your research, please cite the SMAC paper.

M. Samvelyan, T. Rashid, C. Schroeder de Witt, G. Farquhar, N. Nardelli, T.G.J. Rudner, C.-M. Hung, P.H.S. Torr, J. Foerster, S. Whiteson. The StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge, CoRR abs/1902.04043, 2019.

In BibTeX format:

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Code licensed under the Apache License v2.0


Python Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning framework







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