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Oxygen - Data

This repository contains the Oxygen Data Layer.

For more information visit the Core repository.

Doctrine 2 Wrapper

The data package is focused around the robust Doctrine 2 ORM.


  • Accessors provides automatic getXYZ and setXYZ methods on entities
  • Authentication provides an email, password and remember token.
  • CacheInvalidator adds a cacheInvalidationSettings field, where different entities can be registered. When $this is updated, the event oxygen.entity.cache.invalidated will be fired for each of the entities inside cacheInvalidationSettings.
  • Fillable adds the fromArray method which can update entity fields from an input array
  • PrimaryKey adds a simple ID field with getters and setters.
  • Publishes adds a stage field, entities can be either a draft or published
  • RememberToken provides an email and remember token.
  • SoftDeletes adds the deletedAt field, call delete() on the entity to 'soft' delete it.
  • Timestamps adds createdAt and updatedAt fields that are automatically updated
  • Versions adds versioning capabilities to the entity (warning: it requires two fields (versions and headVersion) to be already present in the entity and set up with the correct relationship information)