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Support to float DITA images left and right in the XHTML and PDF outputs
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Plugin which allows floating an image referenced in a DITA topic left or right depending on the "outputclass" attribute value specified on it. Something like this:

The plugin works with both DITA-OT 1.8 and 2.x. It requires for publishing either Apache FOP 2.0 or newer or a commercial FO processor like XEP or Antenna House..


The DITA structure:

  <p><image href="../../images/Iris_sanguinea.jpg" outputclass="float-right"/>some text</p>

will present in the PDF the image floated on the right hand of the paragraph contents. The possible values when publishing to both XHTML and PDF are "float-left" and "float-right".

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018 Syncro Soft SRL.

This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0

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