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Create a paper for Markup UK 2019 conference
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Markup UK Presentation Paper

This project contains a presentation paper for Markup UK 2019.

If you want to create your own paper you can fork this project, for more details see How to create my own paper

Access the Dashboard

After you create your own paper a Dashboard will be created for your project that allows you to:

  • Edit the paper online using Oxygen XML Web Author (
  • See a preview of the generated PDF, that is automatically generated each time you commit using Netlify (
  • Download an archive with the paper source and all the supporting files, that you can submit as your paper.

To access the Dashboard, go to your Netlify home page:, choose the project and then open its URL.

Edit the paper in Oxygen XML Editor

To edit the paper:

  • Clone the repository locally.
  • Open the .xpr file in Oxygen XML Editor.
  • From the project view, open the paper.xml file.

To generate the PDF:

  • From the Project panel

    • Select and right-click on paper.xml
    • Choose Transform > Transform with...
    • Choose Conference Paper and press Apply
  • From the editor, once paper.xml is opened

    • Use the "Apply transformation scenario" action from the toolbar
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