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An ASCII art git visualizer that is an improvement on git-log --graph
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git-viz is an ASCII-art Git history visualizer. It's like git log --graph but
better. The graph is larger and more visually intuitive.

In a Git directory, run

$ ./git-viz

Or, provide a path to a Git directory:

$ ./git-viz /path/to/git/stuff/

By default, git-viz will display all reachable commits. You can limit the
commits it displays (somewhat primitively for now) by passing arguments that
will be passed straight through to git-rev-list after a '--'. For example, to
display only the commits that are master or descendents of it:

$ ./git-viz -- ^master^

git-viz requires the flags --parents and --topo-order to work correctly, so it
will always pass these to git-rev-list. If you provide flags that are
incompatible with these (like --children or --date-order), git-viz will
intercept them.
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