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OYED Dotfiles (Sheogorath)



Using GNU Stow, it's easy to manage symlinks to the home directory with dotfiles. E.g.

git clone
cd dotfiles
stow trizen

This will symlink the trizen config to $HOME/.config. The same can be done for any other files/folders in the root of the repo.


Important Aliases/Functions

  • wall {name} - Generates and applies a pywal colorscheme based on the given image name (All placed in ~/pictures/wallpapers), restarts dunst (To apply new colors) and updates the feh cache to remember the new wallpaper.
  • ws {name} - Opens the given VSCode Workspace.


I have two presets set-up for autorandr:

  • single (xrandr --output HDMI-2 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --primary)
  • work (xrandr --output HDMI-2 --mode 2560x1080 --pos 0x0 --primary --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 2560x0)


In order for pywal to apply its theme to dunst, the dunstrc file must be generated using the pywal template feature, which is why there is no dunstrc in .config/dunst (You can find the template in .config/wal/templates/dunstrc).

The resulting compiled dunstrc should be symlinked to .config/dunst (Compiled file will be put in .cache/wal).