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A simple JavaScript and CSS "build" tool.
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phpEasyMin is a simple JavaScript and CSS "build" tool for creating user distribution packages from unminimized source code. phpEasyMin uses Google's Closure Compile Service and CSSMin for minimizin.


  1. Unzip the phpEasyMin zip package into a folder on your webserver
  2. Make sure the data directory is writable
  3. Start minimizing!

Note: phpEasyMin was not designed for use on publicly accessible servers!

Setting Up a Project

  1. Click "Add New Project" in the phpEasyMin toolbar
  2. Enter a name, source path and destination path
    • The name can be anything you like
    • The source path should be the folder location of code you want to minimize
    • The destination path should be a writable folder phpEasyMin can send the minimized contents to
  3. Click Save

Project Configuration

The following files can be added to your projects to control how phpEasyMin performs

  • [source path]/.easymin/ignore_types
    • A space separated list of file types that phpEasyMin should not copy. For example, ".psd" would prevent phpEasyMin from copying any photoshop files.
  • [source path]/.easymin/ignore_prefixes
    • A space separated list of filename prefixes that phpEasyMin should not copy. For example, a value of "skip_" would prevent phpEasyMin from copying any file that starts with "skip_".
  • [source path]/.easymin/noshrink_paths
    • A newline separated list of paths (relative to the source path) that phpEasyMin should not minimize.

Combining Files

You can alos instruct phpEasyMin to combine multiple source code files into a single file with the use of .combine files. Each line of a .combine file will be treated as either a file path (relative to the .combine file location) or content. For a line to be handled as a file path, it should start with either a '.' or '/' character.

An example of a .combine file can be seen in the gpFinder repository. When phpEasyMin minimizes the gpFinder project, it will use the instructions in elfinder.js.combine to create a elfinder.js.

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