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Thank you for considering contributing to this distribution.  This file
contains instructions that will help you work with the source code.

The distribution is managed with Dist::Zilla.  This means than many of the
usual files you might expect are not in the repository, but are generated
at release time (e.g. Makefile.PL).

However, you can run tests directly using the 'prove' tool:

  $ prove -l
  $ prove -lv t/some_test_file.t

For most distributions, 'prove' is entirely sufficent for you to test any
patches you have.

Likewise, much of the documentation Pod is generated at release time.
Depending on the distribution, some documentation may be written in a Pod
dialect called WikiDoc. (See Pod::WikiDoc on CPAN.) If you would like to
submit a documentation edit, please limit yourself to the documentation you

If you see typos or documentation issues in the generated docs, please
email or open a bug ticket instead of patching.

Dist::Zilla is a very powerful authoring tool, but requires a number of
author-specific plugins.  If you would like to use it for contributing,
install it from CPAN, then run one of the following commands, depending on
your CPAN client:

  $ cpan `dzil authordeps`
  $ dzil authordeps | cpanm

Once installed, here are some dzil commands you might try:

  $ dzil build
  $ dzil test
  $ dzil xtest

You can learn more about Dist::Zilla at