This is an Android sample code that illustrates how an Android device interacts with a gForce armband via BLE according to gForce Data Protocol.
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Sample Code of gForce Data Protocol


This source code is intended to illustrate how an Android device interacts with a gForce Armband via the gForce Data Protocol based on the Android GATT service.


The supported Android versions are Android 4.3 (API level 18) and higher.

The version of this sample code must match that of gForce data protocol (see document gForce Data Protocol) that your armband is based on. The rule is their major numbers must be the same. For instance, v2.x of this sample code can be used with v2.x of gForce data protocol on which your gForce armband is based. Please check with OYMotion customer service for such information.

Build and run

  1. Open this project in Android Studio, and then build, install and run it on a phone with supported Android versions.

  2. Scan and select the gForce armband to connect. Once the connection succeeds, wear it on your right forearm and you will be able to see the data (e.g. quaterions and gestures) gets displayed.