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This project's purpose is to provide an easy place to ship your codes.

We are deployed here:

To contribute; have this project locally installed:


1- Fork this repository.
2- Clone the repository.
3- go to project folder in your terminal then type -yarn to install all required packages.
4- Make desired changes in another branch.
5- Make a pull request.

This project has; React, React-Router and Bootstrap. What we want to do is just play with this app! But i think maybe you create a component in the components folder, then create it's link in the navbar and show it.

How to create a new component?

When you open the project with your editor, you will find step 1 & 3 commented just follow.

1- Define your components Route by naming it. go to App.js inside the div create a new line:
like this
2- Create your component under src/components/YOURCOMPONENT.JSX
3- Import it to App.js
4- Now when you click to your component link navbar will stay the same, and main page is going to load your component(thanks to react-router).
5- Here on you can create any component as you wish; an egg timer, a simple music player, a random photo app, anything you desire or found fun/useful.
6- (Optional) If you want to apply custom CSS create a css file under /src/styles/YOURCOMPONENT.css

Have an idea?

Fine! let's do it together! you can contact me over skype: oytun.tutun
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