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This is a task for Ant that allows you to automatically upload files to the GitHub download section. This is therefor suited for automatic dist targets.

How to use it

Add the following to your build.xml file

<path id="githubhuploadtask.classpath">
	<pathelement location="."/>
	<fileset dir="location/ofjar">
		<include name="**/*.jar"/>
<taskdef name="upload" classname="no.kinsey.ant.GitHubUploadTask" classpathref="githubhuploadtask.classpath" loaderref="githubhuploadtask.classpath.loader" />

Now you can use the upload task

<upload user="${github.user}" repo="${github.repo}" username="${github.username}" token="${github.token}" description="just a test" path="${basedir}/" />


The GitHubUploadTask uses the task itself to upload the finished build to GitHub, so check out build.xml

In this project the user, repo and username needed for upload is stored in

github.user = oyvindkinsey
github.repo = GitHubUploadTask
github.username = oyvindkinsey

Since this is a public repository the token is kept secret and is supplied using a private file, but it could also be supplied using a build system or on the command line like this

ant upload -Dgithub.token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


This is licensed under the MIT license


The author is Øyvind Sean Kinsey ( /