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"Security error: attempted to read protected variable: postMessage" in Opera Mobile #143

kombinieren opened this Issue December 08, 2011 · 3 comments

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Eugene Chernikov Øyvind Sean Kinsey
Eugene Chernikov

I'm using CORS endpoint bundled with easyXDM, which works perfectly... unless i try to open my page in Opera Mobile.

1) Browser:

User-Agent: Opera/9.80 (Android 2.3.6; Linux; Opera Mobi/ADR-1111101157; U; ru) Presto/2.9.201 Version/11.50

2) Console log: - 12:07:15.487: easyXDM present on '
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.589: native JSON found
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.816: easyXDM.Rpc: constructor
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.816: {Private}: preparing transport stack
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.816: {Private}: using parameters from query
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.816: easyXDM.stack.PostMessageTransport: constructor
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.816: easyXDM.stack.QueueBehavior: constructor
easyXDM.debug.js:914 - 12:07:15.817: easyXDM.stack.RpcBehavior: init
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.818:{Private}: firing dom_onReady
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:... deferred messages ...
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:easyXDM.Rpc: constructor
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:{Private}: preparing transport stack
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:{Private}: using parameters from query
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:easyXDM.stack.PostMessageTransport: constructor
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:easyXDM.stack.QueueBehavior: constructor
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:easyXDM.stack.RpcBehavior: init
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:... end of deferred messages ...
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:easyXDM.stack.PostMessageTransport: init
easyXDM.debug.js:959 - 12:07:15.819:{Private}: adding listener message
Uncaught exception: ReferenceError: Security error: attempted to read protected variable: postMessage

Error thrown at line 1870, column 16 in <anonymous function: onDOMReady>() in
    callerWindow = ("postMessage" in window.parent) ? window.parent : window.parent.document;
called via from line 204, column 8 in <anonymous function>() in;
called from line 154, column 8 in dom_onReady() in
Øyvind Sean Kinsey
Eugene Chernikov

With which piece of code? :) Seems like github has omitted part of your response.

Øyvind Sean Kinsey
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