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README - Session Idle Inhibit Indicator

Inhibiting a session from turning idle typically prevents the monitor from going to sleep and/or the screensaver from activating. This is desirable when watching videos on your computer. Some applications capable of video playback don't do this, and as a result your screensaver can activate during video playback. A notable examples of such an application is Firefox with Flash or HTML5 video playback.

This simple indicator app allows you to see the status of session idle inhibiting, and also to manually inhibit the session from turning idle, thus preventing your monitor from turning off. Inhibiting the session from being marked idle effectively disables all screensaver and monitor power save functions. It will also instantly show you when other applications are inhibiting the session from turning idle, such as VLC and Totem during video playback.


This small app is written for Ubuntu and Unity+Gnome3 environment. If you require something more advanced, then I recommend you check out the Caffeine project instead, which supports more environments and has much more features: