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Workshop - Strategy design pattern
C# Java
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Design patterns - A practical introduction to the Strategy pattern


This design patterns workshop focuses on the Strategy design pattern and how it can be used so solve a design problem where you discover the Arrow anti-pattern and need to refactor to the Strategy pattern.

This workshop, along with its assignments, focuses on practical and hands-on use of patterns and its uses in real-life business and software design scenarios.



  • Have installed Visual Studio 2012/2013
  • Have installed the NuGet package manager extension


  • Have installed Eclipse/JBoss or equivalent


The assignments use the same business case for both .Net and Java, with separate programming tasks for each.

To start the assignments, go to the folder /begin (/java-begin). Copy the files to your local computer and then start with the tasks in the assignment.

If for some reason you get stuck or need clarification on a specific task, then look at the files in /end (/java-end) to have a look at the suggested solution.

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