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This feature is currently in preview

Export an instance of an object as C#, XML or json.


In this demo we will use Export during debugging to serialize an instance and use it in related unit tests.

Using Export

In order to run this demo press the Export button in the demo application.
Export button

The cursor would stop on a breakpoint in the line after the data has returned from a client. Hover over featuredQuestions until the quick watch window appears. Then select the magic wand and choose Export from the context menu.

Choosing Export

A dialog would appear titled: "Export Results".

Export dialog

Notice how we only got the top most item (new Item()) Use "Choose Depth" to increase the depth of the exported class hierarchy. Make sure it is at least 5.

Once you have all the items showing use Copy To Clipboard, close the dialog and stop debugging. Find ExportUnitTests project and open QuestionAnalyzerTests.cs then paste the code inside LoadDataFromCode instead of new Rootobject()

Paste exported code here

Run the unit tests in that file (Ctrl+R, A). One of the tests should pass now.

To Fix the second test you'll need to export a the same class in a json format and copy the results to questions.json which is in the same project as the test.

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