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- RequestHandlers whose base type's first generic type parameter is not a Request-derived type can now be registered as well
- RequestProcessor now has an AfterHandle(request, response) virtual method which is called after the request has been handled by the handler
- ReceivedResponses now has a Responses property which returns all of the retrieved responses
- ExceptionInfo now has a FaultCode property (string) which will be automatically filled in as long as your BusinessException type contains
a FaultCode property (thanks to a patch from Huseyin Tufekcilerli)
- Client-side caching (BREAKING CHANGE: EnableResponseCachingAttribute no longer exists, use the EnableServiceResponseCachingAttribute instead)
-> this is not supported in the in-process model
- Agatha.Spring has been included (thanks to a patch from Jernej Logar)
- Agatha.StructureMap.Container has been fixed so that it instructs StructureMap to use the default constructors of RequestProcessorProxy and AsyncRequestProcessorProxy
(thanks to a patch by Bart Deleye)
- Added BeforeResolvingRequestHandler virtual method to the RequestProcessor which gets called right before a RequestHandler is resolved through the container
- Fixed logging of WCF messages where some requests were logged as "... stream ..." (thanks to patch by Bart Deleye)
- Added Agatha.Ninject.Silveright (thanks to patch by Bart Deleye)
- updated Agatha.Unity and Agatha.Unity.Silverlight to use the 2.0 version of Unity
- applied patch from Andrew Rea to improve REST support (xml and json)
- fixed NullReferenceException in MessageInspector when using one-way requests in combination with INFO logging
- applied patch from Emil Ingerslev to introduce a couple of virtual methods in the RequestProcessor which allows you to customize how exceptions are logged
- added BeforeReturningResponses template method which you can use to modify the responses before they are returned to the consumer of the RequestDispatcher
- Applied patch from Andrew Rea to include REST (JSON and XML) support for the service contract
- Applied patch from Andrew Rea to support StructureMap
- Added a check (and an InvalidOperationException is thrown) in case of trying to add a Request with the same key more than once to the RequestDispatcher.
- Added a Agatha.ServiceLayer.Silverlight project which contains a lightweight-version of the Service Layer to use in-process in a Silverlight app
(it was asked by a user who uses this for an online/offline scenario)
- All *Configuration classes have been made a bit more fluently
- The Process method in the IWcfRequestProcessor service contract is now configured to allow transaction flowing ([TransactionFlow(TransactionFlowOption.Allowed)])
- Agatha.Castle.Silverlight is now included
- Agatha.Castle is now built against Castle Windsor 2.1
- Applied patch from Jason Diamond to support having request/response types and requesthandlers in multiple
- Added AfterSendingRequests virtual method to AsyncRequestDispatcher and RequestDispatcher
- bugfix: ServiceLayerAndClientConfiguration used to create the ServiceLayerConfiguration too early, which
prevented you from overriding some implementation types
- Caching layer is now available... it only has an InMemory provider at the moment, but more will be added later
- added Agatha.Ninject project (patch contributed by Ian Davis)
- RequestProcessor now inherits from Disposable so derived classes can easily clean up their resources
- Added Agatha.ServiceLayer.AsyncRequestProcessor which implements the IAsyncRequestProcessor interface and delegates
to the real IRequestProcessor in an asynchronous manner. Only useful when running the service layer and the client
in the same process.
- Added Agatha.Common.IAsyncRequestProcessor interface which has the same definition as the IAsyncWcfRequestProcessor
interface, except for the WCF specific stuff... The AsyncRequestDispatcher now communicates through an
IAsyncRequestProcessor instance instead of the WCF specific one. This way, this is completely the same as it is
for synchronous communication, and both the serverside components as the clientside classes can now be used _without_
WCF (eg: in-process or with some other communication transport layer)
- Removed Agatha.Common.Silverlight.WCF.IAsyncWcfRequestProcessor and linked Agatha.Common.WCF.IAsyncWcfRequestProcessor
into the Silverlight project... both interfaces are identicial so we only need one of them.
- added support for OneWayRequests (OneWay WCF calls) thanks to Arjen Smits' patch.
1.0 Beta 2:
- logging in the servicelayer now happens through the Common.Logging instead of using log4net directly...
which means you can use whatever logging library you prefer
- (Breaking Change): If you want to pass your container instance to an Agatha container wrapper, you have
to pass it to the constructor of the wrapper, and then pass that IContainer instance to your
ServiceLayerConfiguration or ClientConfiguration instance before initializing
- Added Agatha.Unity and Agatha.Unity.Silverlight
- added simple example of Agatha in use, with a small service layer, an IIS host for the service layer,
a .NET client which performs a synchronous and an asynchronous client, and a Silverlight client which
also performs an asynchronous call
1.0 Beta 1:
- initial release