A ruby 1.9 wrapper for a very useful service
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This is a very stupid and thin (like 200 LOC w/ comments and all)
wrapper around the famous TV-show RSS service.

It does not run on ruby 1.8 (oh noes!) since I'm not using it a lot. 1.8 was
good, but 1.9 is really better, go for it! Also this gem has no tests for now,
because it's mostly intended as a joke / bored-tonight kind of thing.  If you
*really* insist I'll add some bacon, alright.

Anyway, HTH.


  * simple-rss (a very nice 200 LOC piece of gem)
  * typhoeus <3

How does it work?

Searching always yields a result-set (Ezrss::ResultSet):

  # Search for one show
  rs = Ezrss.search 'Houze', exact: true
  # => <Ezrss::ResultSet w/ Houze (1 HTTP query)>

  # Alternatively, you can use Ezrss::Search directly:
  rs = Ezrss::Search.new('Houze', exact: true).result_set
  # => <Ezrss::ResultSet w/ Houze (1 HTTP query)>

  # Or search many shows...
  rs = Ezrss.search %w(Houze SpaceDrama), exact: true
  # => <Ezrss::ResultSet w/ Houze and SpaceDrama (2 HTTP queries)>

  rs.shows.each { |show| puts "#{show.title} -> #{show.link}" }

Filter a result set:

Filtering results is done via the #where method (also aliased to #pick). The
method takes either one or two parameters. The first form applies a filtering
to every show in the search results, while the latter is limited to the
specified show name (or rather searched-show name). See the following examples:

  rs = Ezrss.search %w(SexyVampires ERShow), exact: true

  # This filter would only apply to results for "SexyVampires"...
  rs.where 'SexyVampires', title: /lulz/, description: /Season: 42/

  # This filter would apply to *both* search queries
  rs.where title: /chunky|bacon/

  # #pick is an alias for #where
  rs.pick title: /chunky|bacon/

If you like ruby, you probably like blocks too, there, have a few:

  %w(date ezrss).each { |lib| require lib }
  shows = Ezrss.search 'how i met your mom'
  recent_drama = -> show { show.title =~ /lulz-Gr0uP/ &&
                           show.description =~ /so much drama/ &&
                           show.pubDate.to_date > Date.parse('2010-12-01') }
  shows.pick &recent_drama

You can build, and chain, quite as many filters as you like:

  # Provided recent_shows and display_show are procs...
  Ezrss.search(['The strange door', 'Dr What'], exact: true)
     .where(title: /HUBERHDTV/)

And... I think we're done here.


Sure, I could write tests to squash a few.

A few notes...

Please, do not use this to do über-vilain stuff.
Thanks for reading this far. ^^