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Printer Readme

Printer is a simple Ruby application I started on a boring week-end to import our local printer's log files into a MongoDB server... to eventually display “pretty” graphs with an extended history.

Getting started


Printer uses the Bundler gem: bundle install should take care of installing all the dependencies. Printer is written with ruby 1.9 in mind, and won't work with 1.8.


Update the conf/mongoid.yml file to connect to your MongoDB server configuration.


The application is based on cramp.

With Thin, issue: bundle exec thin --timeout 0 -R start to get the party started on localhost:3000.

Printer behaves according to the RACK_ENV environment variable, which defaults to "development". To run Printer in production, do not forget to export RACK_ENV=production.

Importing printer log files

Run bundle exec bin/sync /path/to/logfile.xml to import a printer log file in the system.


Run bundle exec bin/console to start an IRB shell with the application loaded.


  • I'm bored in a train.
  • Oh what's this XML file I backed-up last week?
  • Ok let's hack stuff, with the few gems installed on this machine.
  • Oooh a shiny new gem called cramp appeared!
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