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You shouldn't use this for now! I'm playing with Rdio and Firefox's JS add-on toolkit, and started this on a Sunday afternoon. JS Hackers only. :p


This is a Firefox add-on to control's web-app without using Firefox's UI (mouse, or keyboard). The idea is to open in the background, or (as of now) in a browser tab, to then control it through Firefox's embedded HTTPd.



To get started, you will need to:

1. Get an account on
2. Setup the Mozilla's [add-on SDK](
   on your computer.
3. Clone the git repository at git://
4. Hack your way around.


When running, the add-on starts an HTTP server on port 8000 (hard-coded for now). Be sure that nothing is running here, or it won't start.

It talks in JSON.

Since the project-goal is to control through HTTP (!), these are the paths available so far.

  • GET /status tells when the player is ready.
  • POST /play_pause allows you to play/pause the current song.


  • This is alpha-software, without any guarantees.
  • Hey, you've got a HTTP server running on your machine for every local user to abuse (wait, is that not a feature?).
  • It shouldn't work.
  • I guess it's OK, but I should definitely check Rdio's terms of service.



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