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IMPORTANT NOTE: While this repository is here, I am doing also my best contribute changes to the official gentoo repository.

This is an overlay intended to be used in Gentoo.

I have done my best to adhere to Gentoo's best practices. However, there are a few things you should consider before you use this overlay:

  • I did my best to test all ebuilds (with repoman and with installing them on my machine), but I could not possibly test all use flags.
    • I don't use systemd, hence I didn't test it

If you find this work useful, you can do one or more of the following:

  • Install and use these packages. Give me usefull feedback.
  • Star this repository.
  • Tweeter me with a thank you.
  • Donate me a humlbe sum of 2-5€. (Donations should go to oz dot tiram at gmail dot com via Paypal), I'll mention you here for supporting my work.


  • I added some other packages here which are not officially mate. These are packages which I see fit, and that belong IMHO to the mate eco-system (for example the mate-dock-applet).

Contributing ebuilds

  • I welcome anyone who wants to contribute, but ...

  • It's very hard to review a commit with many files changes. So, if you bump the version, please make a commit for each ebuild, instead of a large commit for all updated files.

  • Properly updating an ebuild isn't only changing the version number. One good way to notice changes in the build configuration is to look for changes in the file Check out the repository of the package you want to bump and do the following:

	$ git diff v1.(N)..(N+1) -- 

where N+1 is the version you want to bump to and N is the previous version. Update the ebuild if the build requirements have changed.