An ARM emulator written in JavaScript
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Arm-js is an ARM emulator written in Javascript. It emulates ARMv7-A and some peripherals of Versatile Express. It can boot Linux 3.10.29 and run busybox processes.

Emulator Features

  • Suspend/resume (Chrome only)
    • You can restore emulator states at any time
  • Persistent storage (Chrome only)
    • Guest can access part of browser filesystem via virtio-9p
  • Many debugging functions

Tested Browsers

  • Chrome 33 beta (recommended)
  • Firefox 27

Get Started

  1. Download the source code
    1. git clone git://
    2. cd arm-js/
    3. git submodule init
    4. git submodule update
  2. Execute ruby misc/simple-http-server.rb on terminal
  3. Access http://localhost:8080/arm-js.html
  4. Push Boot button at the top-left corner to start the emulator

Further Information

See the wiki.