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Xamarin.Forms Demo Apps

Many of the Xamarin.Forms samples in this repo are discussed in Intro_To_Xamarin.Forms.pdf document.

  • EmployeeDirectoryXaml - port of the existing Xamarin Employee Directory sample... (uses PCLStorage Nuget). Still in-progress.

  • Evolve13 - port of the Xamarin Evolve conference app used last year (uses SQLite.Net-PCL Nuget), using the MasterDetailPage.

  • FormsBasics - simple explanations of basic Xamarin.Forms concepts like views, controls and layouts.

  • HttpClient - simple example of using HttpClient for network communication with Xamarin.Forms.

  • PlatformSpecific - simple examples of how to do various platform-specific operations (in code and in XAML).

  • RestaurantGuide - how to render HTML using Razor templates and the Xamarin.Forms WebView control.

  • Roget1911 - port of an old Silverlight sample, demonstrating a deep navigation structure generated from parsed XML files (uses PCLStorage Nuget).

  • Todo - simple todo list application that demonstrates how to load a pre-populated database and then read and write data to it (uses SQLite.Net-PCL Nuget). Also shows how to add platform-specific code to a Xamarin.Forms app, by implementing the text-to-speech engines on iOS and Android.

  • TodoAzure - same todo list application logic XAML, and using Windows Azure Mobile Services for cloud data storage (Windows Azure Nuget/Component).

  • TodoAzureSync - same todo list application logic XAML, and using Windows Azure Mobile Services offline sync component for cloud data storage (Windows Azure Nuget/Component).

  • TodoL10nResx - todo list that is localized/globalized using RESX files.

  • TodoL10nVernacular - todo list that is localized/globalized using Vernacular.

  • TodoMvvm - same todo list application logic, demonstrating Mvvm architecture with Xamarin.Forms. Uses data-binding and the command pattern to wire up model, view and view model objects (uses SQLite.Net-PCL Nuget).

  • TodoParse - similar to the Azure examples but uses Parse instead.

  • TodoXaml - same todo list application logic, but using XAML to declaratively build the screen layouts (rather than C# code, uses SQLite.Net-PCL Nuget).


  • TicTacForms - simple tic tac toe game ~ still under development...

Nugets used in this repo:





Also the Azure ones, and the Parse Xamarin Store Component.

Other Interesting Repos

###XForms Community-driven controls and extensions for Xamarin.Forms

###acr-xamarin-forms Another source of controls written by Allan Ritchie


Samples that use Xamarin.Forms (




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