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Another photo tagging jQuery plugin. Highly customizable plugin with event handlers (hooks). Here are some notes for now, more documentation will be added later (hopefully)


editAction: How to edit a tag. Defaults to 'dblclick'

notes: Initial notes to load at startup. Defaults to []

showNotesOnHover: If true, the notes are hidden and when you mouse over the image the notes are displayed. Defaults to true

addNoteAction: Allow if add note form appears when the specified action is done on the image. Defaults to 'click'

defaultSize: Default note size when adding

defaultPosition: Default note position when adding, if position is not specified.

messages: For translation of the messages (i18n)

form: Form HTML


onSubmit: Triggered after the form is submitted

onCancel: The form is canceled

onAddNoteOpen: Triggered after the note form is displayed.

onEditNoteOpen: Triggered after the note form is displayed.

onBeforeRemove: Triggered before the note is deleted.


Usage: $(selector).jphototag('method', options)

init: Initialize

add: Add new tag form

edit: Edit tag form

remove: Remove tag

cancel: Cancel tag form

hideAll: Hide all notes

showAll: Show all notes

show: Show a specific note

hide: Hide a specific note

addNotes: Add default notes (multiple)

addNote: Add a note externally

allNotes: Get a list of notes as an array of JSON objects

disable: Disable jphototag

enable: Enable jphototag

isEnabled: Enabled or not?

destroy: Destroy the instance