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Flask-Now is a Flask Application Generator/Build-Tool runs via CLI

What is Flask-Now

Since Flask is commonly used in kickstarting a project, developers shouldn't waste their time with creating folders like static/css, static/js, configuration, controllers, models etc. Aim of Flask-Now is auto generating necessity folders and files according to your architectural pattern and semi-automatically installing desired flask extension. Since Flask is very flexible microframework, it may fit many architectural pattern. Currently following patterns can be auto generated using Flask-Now:

Supported Patterns

Flask-Now supports two different patterns:


  • It is a very simple flask application structure for very small applications

bp (Known as blueprints)

  • As suggested in official tutorial, Flask Now has a similar folder structure which is called as bp:

            /index -> an example blueprint

How to use


  • Python 3.x
  • Virtualenvironment
  • pip3

Let me explain this project with an example. Assume that we want to create an Flask Application called flaskr

GNU/Linux - OSX


  • Install flask-now with pip to your global environment, this will add an executable file to your /bin with the name flask-now which is the runnable application:
sudo pip3 install flask-now


  • Go to the folder you wish to create the project:
cd my_development_folder
  • Create the app! Let's assume that we want to create an app named 'flaskr' with simple pattern with flask-wtf and flask-sqlalchemy installed
flask-now flaskr simple -e sqlalchemy wtf

  • That's it. Now activate the virtualenv and run the project:
cd flaskr && source/venv/bin/activate && python
  • As you can understand from the example we drop Flask keyword while installing flask extensions to our project.

  • Some examples which may confuse you:

    • Flask-Rest-Jsonapi -> rest-jsonapi
    • Frozen-Flask -> frozen


To uninstall : sudo pip3 uninstall flask-now


  • Adding more architectural patterns.
  • Adding more options for configuration file.
  • Adding smart code generation according to desired extensions.(for example if you install Flask-SqlAlchemy, sample model, imports and db configurations will be ready)


  • Generate architecture for rest api's via using Flask-RESTPlus planned version: 0.3.0. New architectural pattern 👍
  • Adding flask-admin via using Flask-Admin planned version: 0.4.0. New architectural pattern 👍
  • Decide if application will be renamed as flask-up, maybe both will be used while calling from console. Naming proposal which is started under this reddit post. Not planned yet.


  • 0.2.1 project recreated.
  • 0.2.2
    • Thanks to this issue which is created by c-w, flask-now perfectly works on Windows. 👏
    • RoadMap and ChangeLog added.
    • Minor addition: flask-now waits for confirmation to create your project if given project name exists as folder.


Please feel free to contribute to this project, open issues, fork it, send pull requests.

You can also send email to my mail

Happy coding 🤘