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Neo4j Python REST Client
:synopsis: Object-oriented Python library to interact with Neo4j standalone REST server.
The first objective of Neo4j Python REST Client is to make transparent for
Python programmers the use of a local database through neo4j.py_ or a remote
database thanks to Neo4j REST Server. So, the syntax of this API is fully
compatible with However, a new syntax is introduced in order to
reach a more pythonic style.
Available throught Python Package Index::
$ pip install neo4jrestclient
$ easy_install neo4jrestclient
Getting started
The main class is *GraphDatabase*, exactly how in neo4j.py_::
>>> from neo4jrestclient.client import GraphDatabase
>>> gdb = GraphDatabase("http://localhost:7474/db/data/")
Due to the syntax is fully compatible with neo4j.py_, the next lines only show
the commands added and its differences.
Creating a node::
>>> n = gdb.nodes.create()
# Equivalent to
>>> n = gdb.node()
Specify properties for new node::
>>> n = gdb.nodes.create(color="Red", widht=16, height=32)
Accessing properties::
>>> value = n['key'] # Get property value
>>> n['key'] = value # Set property value
Create relationship::
>>> n1.relationships.create("Knows", n2) # Usefull when the name of
# relationship is stored in a variable
Specify properties for new relationships::
>>> n1.Knows(n2, since=123456789, introduced_at="Christmas party")
For an extended and lates version of the documentation, please, visit the
docs_ site::
.. _lucene-querybuilder:
.. _docs: