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Easy MongoDB integration for Snap applications
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Snap Extension for MongoDB

NOTE: This project is now deprecated. The old snap extension system has been replaced with a new system called snaplets. Check out the snaplet directory for possible alternatives.

This package provides a straightforward way to integrate MongoDB database connectivity into Snap applications.

The API is a work in progress, so expect changes.

Starting with 0.3, this library provides out-of-box integration with Snap.Auth.

Generics Support

Snap.Extension.DB.MongoDB.Generics module provides generics support to facilitate conversion of your data structures to and from Document types.

Example Generics Usage

import Snap.Extension.DB.MongoDB.Generics

data Product = Product
  { proId :: RecKey
  , proName :: ByteString
  , proCode :: Maybe ByteString
  , proAddFields :: Map ByteString ByteString
  , proOptField :: Optional ByteString
  } deriving (Eq, Show)

$(deriveAll ''Product "PFProduct")
type instance PF Product = PFProduct

someP = Product (RecKey Nothing)
                (Just "101")
                (Map.singleton "Woohoo" "Yeehaa")
                (Optional Nothing)

someDocV1 = toDoc someP

someDocV2 = do
  oid <- genObjectId
  let p = someP { proId = RecKey (Just oid) }
  return $ toDoc p

sampleDoc = 
  [ u "proId" =: (Nothing :: Maybe ByteString)
  , u "proName" =: ("Some product" :: ByteString)
  , u "proCode" =: Just ("Whatever123" :: ByteString)
  , u "proAddFields" =: (Map.fromList [] :: Map ByteString ByteString)
  , u "_cons" =: ("Product" :: ByteString)
  , u "proOptField" =: (123 :: Int)

somePV1 :: Maybe Product
somePV1 = fromDoc sampleDoc

somePV2 :: IO (Maybe Product)
somePV2 = do
  oid <- genObjectId
  let s = ("_id" =: oid) : sampleDoc
  return $ fromDoc s
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