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Snap Framework

Snap is a simple and fast web development framework and server written in Haskell. For more information or to download the latest version, you can visit the Snap project website at

Snap Status and Features

The Snap core system consists of:

  • a high-speed HTTP server, with an optional high-concurrency backend using the libev library

  • a sensible and clean monad for web programming

  • an xml-based templating system for generating HTML that allows you to bind Haskell functionality to XML tags without getting PHP-style tag soup all over your pants

  • a "snaplet" system for building web sites from composable pieces.

Snap is currently only officially supported on Unix platforms; it has been tested on Linux and Mac OSX Snow Leopard, and is reported to work on Windows.

Snap Philosophy

Snap aims to be the de facto web toolkit for Haskell, on the basis of:

  • High performance

  • High design standards

  • Simplicity and ease of use, even for Haskell beginners

  • Excellent documentation

  • Robustness and high test coverage