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Sketch Turkish Data

Turkish Data Download Latest

Turkish Data plugin for Sketch, provides names, locations, business titles and dates in various formats.


Download the latest release, unzip and double click on the .sketchplugin file.


Search for Turkish Data in Sketchrunner or Sketchpacks.

Supplied Data

Plugin supplies all data both ordered and random. Newest to oldest for date-time, alphabetically for others.


  • Random: Any: First L.

  • Random: Any: First Name

  • Random: Any: Full Name

  • Random: Any: Last, First

  • Random: Female: First L.

  • Random: Female: First Name

  • Random: Female: Full Name

  • Random: Female: Last, First

  • Random: Male: First L.

  • Random: Male: First Name

  • Random: Male: Full Name

  • Random: Male: Last, First

  • Ordered: Any: First L.

  • Ordered: Any: First Name

  • Ordered: Any: Full Name

  • Ordered: Any: Last, First

  • Ordered: Female: First L.

  • Ordered: Female: First Name

  • Ordered: Female: Full Name

  • Ordered: Female: Last, First

  • Ordered: Male: First L.

  • Ordered: Male: First Name

  • Ordered: Male: Full Name

  • Ordered: Male: Last, First


  • Random: Address

  • Random: City

  • Random: Country

  • Random: District / City

  • Random: District, City

  • Random: Districts of Ankara

  • Random: Districts of Istanbul

  • Ordered: Address

  • Ordered: City

  • Ordered: Country

  • Ordered: District / City

  • Ordered: District, City

  • Ordered: Districts of Ankara

  • Ordered: Districts of Istanbul


  • Random: Business Title

  • Random: Company Name

  • Random: Industry Title

  • Random: Occupation

  • Random: Shop Name

  • Ordered: Business Title

  • Ordered: Company Name

  • Ordered: Industry Title

  • Ordered: Occupation

  • Ordered: Shop Name

Date & Time

  • Random: HH:mm

  • Random: HH:mm:SS

  • Random: dd.MM.yy

  • Random: dd.MM.yyyy

  • Random: dd MMM yyyy

  • Random: dd MMMM yyyy

  • Random: dd MMMM yyyy dddd

  • Random: dd.MM.yy HH:mm

  • Random: dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm

  • Random: dd MMMM yyyy dddd HH:mm

  • Ordered: HH:mm

  • Ordered: HH:mm:SS

  • Ordered: dd.MM.yy

  • Ordered: dd.MM.yyyy

  • Ordered: dd MMM yyyy

  • Ordered: dd MMMM yyyy

  • Ordered: dd MMMM yyyy dddd

  • Ordered: dd.MM.yy HH:mm

  • Ordered: dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm

  • Ordered: dd MMMM yyyy dddd HH:mm