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Aimbot Detector plugin for Big Brother Bot (

Author: Freelander -
Author URI:
Author URI:


This plugin detects unusual killstreaks for a given body part. (Generally this is supposed to be headshot kills)
For instance it can be adjusted to detect headshots made in a row and if headshot kill streak reaches to a set 
value, either the player is kicked or all online admins are notified.


 * 17.03.2011 - 1.0 - Freelander
    - Initial release
 * 21.03.2011 - 1.1 - Freelander
    - Added keyword "aimbotdetector" to display in echelon where available
    - Ability to check more than one hit location
    - Can choose between options; kick, tempban, permban or notify only
    - Minor code enhancements
 * 25.06.2011 - 1.2 - Freelander
    - Option to send e-mail to selected e-mail address(es) when a suspicious
      player is detected
 * 14.07.2011 - 1.3 - xlr8or
    - Integration with follow plugin v1.1.5+ : detected players automatically added in follow list


 * copy into b3/extplugins
 * copy aimbotdetector.xml into your b3/extplugins/conf folder
 * edit aimbotdetector.xml with your preferred settings
 * update your main b3 config file with :
   <plugin name="aimbotdetector" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/aimbotdetector.xml"/>


see the B3 forums: