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alt tag The Lightbox Clones Matrix

This is the data for the popular Lightbox Clones Matrix.

Want to add your own script to the list? You've come to the right place!

Request a script to be added to the list

All you have is to fork this repository, add your script data, and make a Pull Request.

Script data

The data is just a PHP array of arrays, it's really stupid simple.

Add your own script data in a array of the following form:

    'name'      => '',  // the name of your script
    'url'       => '',  // the url of your script
    'size'      => '',  // the size of the Javascript part only
    'lib'       => '',  // library dependency & size
    'totalsize' => '',  // total Javascript size
    'images'    => '',  // support for images? Yes/No
    'sets'      => '',  // support for sets of images? Yes/No
    'other'     => '',  // other objects supported? Some text
    'class'     => '',  // list of space separated tags from:
                        // nolib jquery proto moo yui images sets iframes inline ajax video flash

Details :

  1. name : just the name of the script
  2. url : the URL of the script page, with presentation, demo and download link
  3. size : size in kb of your Javascript, excluding any image, CSS or HTML bundled with it
  4. lib : any Javascript dependency, eg Mootools, jQuery, and the uncompressed sized of such library in kb
  5. totalsize : total uncompressed Javascript size, in kb
  6. images : must be Yes or No to indicate support for images
  7. sets : must be Yes or No to indicate support for sets, or groups, of images
  8. other : free text to indicate support for other elements. Keep that bit purely informative, no "marketing" stuff here
  9. class : a list of space separated tags summing everything up, to be chosen from and only from the following list:
  • nolib if the script has no library dependency. Otherwise, pick one or more of jquery, proto (PrototypeJS), moo (Mootools) or yui (Yahoo UI)
  • images if the script supports images
  • sets if the script supports sets of images
  • iframes if the script supports iframes
  • inline if the script supports showing inline elements
  • ajax if the script supports showing elements fetched via an Ajax request
  • video if the script supports showing video elements
  • flash if the script supports showing Flash stuff

Example :

    'name'      => 'My Super Script',
    'url'       => '',
    'size'      => '10 k',
    'lib'       => 'jQuery (94 k)',
    'totalsize' => '104 k',
    'images'    => 'Yes',
    'sets'      => 'Yes',
    'other'     => 'Iframes and Youtube videos',
    'class'     => 'jquery images sets iframes video',

The easiest way will probably be to copy another script array and edit infos to suit your own script.

The order of elements within each array does not matter.


Data for the Lightbox Clones Matrix




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