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Openwall Phpass, modernized

Build Status

This is Openwall's Phpass, based on the 0.5 release, but modernized slightly:

  • Namespaced
  • Composer support (Autoloading)
  • Unit Tested

The modernization has been done by Hautelook, from whom I stole this library to originally repackage it for PHP 5.3 to 7.0 compatibility in a single file and branch (Hautelook's port consisting of two branches, one for PHP 5.3 to 5.5, and another one for 5.6+).

Current version requires PHP 5.6+


Add this requirement to your composer.json file and run composer install:

    "require": {
        "ozh/phpass": "1.3.0"


The following example shows how to hash a password (to then store the hash in the database), and how to check whether a provided password is correct (hashes to the same value):


namespace Your\Namespace;

use Ozh\Phpass\PasswordHash;

require_once(__DIR__ . "/vendor/autoload.php"); // or require_once('path/to/src/Ozh/Phpass/PasswordHash.php');

$passwordHasher = new PasswordHash(8,false);

// Encrypt
$password = $passwordHasher->HashPassword('secret');
    // Will output something like:
    // '$2a$08$a6XFLs8SrjClF1szoDDkI.6gtWVb4//QnzUjkxlus83AKCNjuD8Ha' (length=60)
    // '$2a$08$Qze1smZ//VAwHJ1t52zklOY/yLwlbKR6Ighf6B7uqGXdYVozTPEdG' (length=60)
    // '$2a$08$u2uKfE9igO.Cz0SptWxlXeVi0CQglfl3FdRK3YpbGm1NfF1d.CFPm' (length=60)

// Decrypt
var_dump( $passwordHasher->CheckPassword('secret', '$2a$08$0RK6Yw6j9kSIXrrEOc3dwuDPQuT78HgR0S3/ghOFDEpOGpOkARoSu') );
    // true
var_dump( $passwordHasher->CheckPassword('secret', '$2a$08$Qze1smZ//VAwHJ1t52zklOY/yLwlbKR6Ighf6B7uqGXdYVozTPEdG') );
    // true
var_dump( $passwordHasher->CheckPassword('secret', '$2a$08$u2uKfE9igO.Cz0SptWxlXeVi0CQglfl3FdRK3YpbGm1NfF1d.CFPm') );
    // true