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SQLite Driver for YOURLS 1.7.1 & 1.7.2


This is a custom DB layer that allows to use YOURLS with PDO + SQLite. This requires YOURLS 1.7.1 or 1.7.2, not before, not after. See YOURLS releases.

This is experimental, mostly to show how it should be done, ie without hacking core file - see YOURLS issue #1337 (1337, for real!).

If you notice something that doesn't work as expected, please open an issue with details on how to reproduce and wait for someone to submit a pull request to fix. If you can both submit the issue and the pull request, you're the boss!


  • Drop these files in /user/, next to your config.php (this is not a plugin)
  • Load YOURLS: the first time, it will create a fresh SQlite DB in that same user directory
  • Have fun


Doesn't work!

See above

Will this break my existing install that uses MySQL?

Nope! All the data stored in MySQL is untouched (you can test this driver with no SQL server running to be sure) and when you're done, simply delete (or rename) the db.php file and you'll get all your original data back from MySQL


Do whatever the hell you want with it