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We are not shooting the moon here. Simple projects for Raspberry Pi.
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No Biggie Projects for Raspberry Pi

Maybe you just bought a Raspberry Pi and quite don't know or decide what to do with it, or you installed RetroPie on it and enjoying some games from time to time, or installed Kodi or whatever. Then you might be interested in following projects.

Table of Contents

Logging Projects

What is your modem up to?

checks the internet connection and gives output with current time in csv format.

How is your Raspberry Pi doing?

checks the temperature of the cpu and gives output with current time in csv format.

Idea If you would like to make your RaspberryPi to send you a email or better instant message check below.

Email and XMPP Configuration for RPi

Communication between you and your Raspberry Pi for monitoring purposes can be done via e-mail or instant messaging like XMPP. Since creating xmpp account for RPi and you is quite easy and also free, I recommend XMPP rather than e-mail.

TODO: more explanation

Instagram Follower Checker

Check this repository

TODO: more explanation

Control an Instagram Account

TODO: explanation

Bluetooth Speaker

TODO: explanation

DNS Server and Networkwide Adblocker

TODO: explanation

Spotify Device for Spotify Connect

TODO: explanation

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