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3.2.0 changelog

  • dark and light themes; chosen in the new settings sub-menu found in the
    right-click menu or via menu toolbar icon

  • new settings sub-menu (right-click or menu toolbar icon). some blurb
    on the settings (since i am too lazy to produce a help file right now :-)

    • Themes = select from the new dark and light themes (requires app restart)

    • Keep individual clips = each clip made from the clip index, which are then
      merged to produce the final product, are not deleted at end of proceess.
      They can be found in the same folder as the final produced video file
      with file name sequence 001....00n appended.

    • Use native dialogs = on by default; can switch off to not use your
      desktop manager's native file open/save dialogs and instead use a generic
      cross*platform version supplied by Qt framework.

    • Always on top = sets application window as the top-most window, avoiding
      others apps from displaying over the top of it.

    • Toolbar labels = self-explanatory; allows you to set the main toolbar
      labels to display beside icons (default), under icons or hidden from view.

    • Hardware decoding = on by default to make the most of your GPU hardware.
      Switch this off if you are experiencing problems with the video playback.
      This option doesn't affect video cutting itself and is primarily for playback.

    • Keep aspect ratio = as the title suggests, switching this off caues video
      fill the available frame space rather than maintain its intended ratio for
      viewport width and height. This option doesn't affect video cutting itself
      and is primarily for playback.

    • Zoom = zoom in video from half its original size and up to double. This
      option doesn't affect video cutting itself and is primarily for playback.

    • a few minor changes to keyboard shortcuts; check the keyboad shortcuts
      cheatsheet via right-click or toolbar menu options.

  • new app icon

  • improved timeline look + new slider image + remove awkward mouse cursor
    previously in use to standard pointing hand cursor which feels better IMHO.

  • new VidCutter project file format; this is the same as an EDL but includes
    the full path to the media file associated with it. These can be saved and
    opened after program launch to set you back to where you last were in a
    cutting project.

  • eeePC and better support for HiDPI

  • better handling of multistreamed video sources including VOB files; if the
    standard method of creation produces a 0 length file the app will now run
    it again using various other methods to achieve th desired result. all cases
    reported by users as bugs in this area are now working. in most cases you
    will continue to get back exactly what you put in (pardon the pun). some VOBs
    are problematic so until the UI is built to allow users finer control over the
    backend settings the app will continue to make its own best judgement on
    behalf of the user. so, in the worse case scenario you should now get back a
    valid video file instead of 0 length video, but it may only include a single audio
    track rather than all the tracks from the source. keep in mind that in these rare
    cases the app will choose the best quality audio/video track when it can only
    work with just the one stream. The next version will allow you to select which
    streams from source media to include in your final generated video file.

  • improved handling of corrupted media files. the app should now work with far
    more source files than before.

  • time counter widget created allowing manual entry of timecode. just click on
    the time segment to edit and video will seek to that exact point OR use the
    up/down arrow controls to the right of the running time code, highlight the
    segment you wish to increase or decrease (i.e. hours, mins, secs, msecs)

  • new dark theme; app is now better integrated for those who prefer to work
    with the darker side of the force; configurable via new menu option

  • video zoom level option added; configurable via new menu option

  • "Check for updates..." now checks for the latest release version of the app
    via the GitHub API and alerts user accordingly. It only offers to take user to
    release page while also explaining to stick with distriubution specific packages
    if running on Linux. Automatic updates are a goal of the future but would only
    be for Windows, macOS and AppImage linux versions.

  • new startup graphic.

  • new look dialogs including updater and about.

  • application settings now saved across all platforms; this includes window
    state and geometry as well as new settings in right-click context menu.

Cross-platform Qt5 based app for quick and easy video trimming/splitting and merging/joining for simple quick edits. FFmpeg drives the backend with a stylishly hand edited Qt5 UI. A FFmpeg static binary is preinstalled for both Windows and macOS releases.

For non-windows, use your o/s package manager if on Linux and homebrew for Mac OS X to manage FFmpeg. It is most likely already installed on your Linux or macOS machine.

Windows + macOS Users

Installers for Windows (64bit) and macOS (64bit only) are available below or will be very soon if not there yet.

Linux Users

Only install via PyPi if you are using something other than ArchLinux or an Ubuntu/Debian derivative (Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Debian Jessie etc...)

ArchLinux users can install directly from AUR, package is available in both stable and git-latest versions:

AUR: vidcutter (stable), vidcutter-git (unstable)

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian/Elementary users can install via Launchpad PPA.


If you are new to PPAs then just issue the following commands in a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ozmartian/apps
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vidcutter

You should now be able to search for vidcutter in your chosen package management software (synaptic, Ubuntu software centre, apt-get etc.)

All other Linux users including Debian users on Debian 8 Jessie or below can install from PyPi can use the AppImage bundled binary package available for download. I've produced a 64bit version but will make 32bit available if requested. For those new to the AppImage concept, just download the file and then make it executable once downloaded. You can then run it, and optionally install it as part of your desktop app menus etc.

chmod +x VidCutter-3.2.0-linux-x64.AppImage

For those running off the source code, please note that you need a minimum of Qt 5.5 and PyQt 5.5 to run the app as it is intended.