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* Linux AppImage (for those on Trusty-Vivid based distros) now available!

* macOS and Windows fixes have been uploaded. Please download again if you encountered errors on app startup

5.0.0 changelog

  • SmartCut feature introduced for frame accurate cuts; beginning and end
    clip segments are reencoded and joined with middle segment for each clip
    defined in the Clip Index along source video's defined keyframes

  • SmartCut enabled via app settings as well as toggle button on the main
    interface. SmartCut can take up to 2 mins vs a few seconds so use it
    only if frame accuracy is a requirement

  • new progress bars on clips in timeline to visualise video processing in
    more accurate and modern way

  • thumbnail generation accuracy fixed so thumbnails generated accurately
    match frame with timecode placement

  • new "View keyframes" button option available under Video Info which
    displays the source video's defined keyframes which are utilised
    by the new SmartCut feature

  • improvements made to standard quick cutting to make them as frame
    accurate as can be given the source's media codec and container

  • improvements to stream mapping to help ensure all source media's
    streams (video, audio, text/subtitles) are included in the target
    video produced. only if problems are found during the cut/join
    process will this be abandoned and FFmpeg then allowed to make its
    usual "best choice" in choosing the best streams for you

  • single app instance code added along with a settings option to force all
    file manager associated tasks to the single already loaded instance of

  • .vcp registered as "VidCutter Project file" for Linux and Windows

  • more debugging information available for the console or "--debug"
    command-line argument

  • new verbose logging option added to settings for even more verbose
    logging in the application log file, console window and debug command-
    line output if running with the "--debug" argument (Linux only)

  • new app icon; hopefully this one sticks :-)

  • countless more improvements and fixes that aren't worth documenting but
    available in the freely available commit logs if you're interested

For non-windows, use your o/s package manager if on Linux and homebrew for Mac OS X to manage FFmpeg. It is most likely already installed on your Linux or macOS machine.

Windows + macOS Users

Installers for Windows and macOS (64bit only) are available below. Windows users may also install via Chocolatey as per instructions on the homepage.

Linux Users

Only install via PyPi if you are using something other than ArchLinux or an Ubuntu/Debian derivative (Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Debian Jessie etc...)

ArchLinux users can install directly from AUR, package is available in both stable and git-latest versions:

AUR: vidcutter (stable), vidcutter-git (unstable)

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian/Elementary users can install via Launchpad PPA.


If you are new to PPAs then just issue the following commands in a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ozmartian/apps
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vidcutter

You should now be able to search for vidcutter in your chosen package management software (synaptic, Ubuntu software centre, apt-get etc.)

All other Linux users including Debian users on Debian 8 Jessie or below can install from PyPi can use the AppImage bundled binary package available for download. I've produced a 64bit version but will make 32bit available if requested. For those new to the AppImage concept, just download the file and then make it executable once downloaded. You can then run it, and optionally install it as part of your desktop app menus etc.

chmod +x VidCutter-5.0.0-linux-x64.AppImage

For those running off the source code, please note that a minimum of Qt 5.5 and PyQt 5.5 is recommended to run the app as it is intended.