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This project is no longer maintained. For an up-to-date, accessible, searchable SRD, see

Previous readme below.

mdsrd5: The Markdown SRD5

Also available in single-page, offline-friendly HTML, paged HTML, PDF, ePub, and more. Also see the interactive spell filter and the JSON that powers it.

The file in this repo is The Markdown SRD5, converted from the original System Reference Document 5.0 PDF (copyright 2016 Wizards of the Coast; see to GitHub Flavored Markdown via Pandoc, some clunky scripting, and a bit of text filtering. This is made possible by the Open Gaming License.

I've got a few goals for this project:

  • Make a version of the SRD that's accessible. The PDF provided by the first-party publisher is incompatible with many accessibility tools.
  • Make a version of the SRD that's more useful for third-party publishers. The PDF provided by the first-party publisher contains unusable Product Identity references, and the PDF is rendered in such a way that complicates searching and copying content in many PDF readers.
  • Correct punctuation and formatting errors and inconsistencies.
  • Reorganize and divide the SRD so that its modular components can be easily modified for people building new systems on its foundation.
  • Export the content from Markdown to other formats more easily. For instance, exporting to a PDF gives us bookmarks that the first-party version lacks.

What this won't be is a complete replacement for the roleplaying game system it references, or a repository for third-party content, or an advertising-supported or commercial endeavor.

This project is inspired by the stalwart Hypertext d20 SRD by Jans Carton.

WARNING: This is a work in progress. Using it as a source for a product covered by the Open Gaming License might expose you to liability. I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice; consult a lawyer before using the OGL. Any protected terms in this document not owned by me or that are not Open Game Content or otherwise freely available content are used unintentionally and will be removed immediately on request.

Generic terms

In several places, protected content must be replaced rather than removed. In these instances, I use the following terms, which I do not claim to own and do not protect as Product Identity:

  • hooked hulk (guards and wards)
  • eldritch beam (warlock/eldritch invocation)
  • eyestalker (deck of illusions)
  • fey plane (planes and monsters)
  • locate familiar (warlock pact abilities)
  • maze demon (maze)
  • Orb of the Wyrm (artifacts)
  • Primordial Chaos (planes)
  • shadow plane (planes)
  • spectral guardian (mummy lord, domains, sacred oaths)
  • string of insults (green hag)

References to protected deities are changed to real-world mythological entities as listed in the Pantheons section, and named NPCs used in examples are given more generic names.

References to protected spells are replaced with spell names from Open Game Content with the same or similar function where such a collision is unavoidable, even if there are no open rules for the spell in this edition. Some of the Open Game Content names used in this manner include:

  • charm animal (ranger)
  • stabilize (androsphinx)

As of 0.4.2, I think I've rooted out most of the protected content. Under the OGL, it is your responsibility to confirm you are not using protected content when using or citing Open Game Content.

Rules omitted from the source

In addition to the terms above, rules for the following terms or concepts in this system were omitted from the SRD and therefore are intentionally not covered or explained. If you're using this SRD to create content, be aware that the following concepts do not have official first-party Open Game Content to support them. This list is not, and might never be, comprehensive.

  • Magic item attunement. Magic items list whether they require attunement, but the attunement process is not Open Game Content.
  • Domain descriptors in spells. The SRD includes a single domain. Spells in the SRD might be part of one or more domains in this system, but only one of those domains was released as Open Game Content.
  • Artifact properties. The Orb of the Wyrm has random properties, but the table describing random properties and the process for selecting them is not Open Game Content.
  • Treasure tables.
  • Most class options (including feats) and sub-races.
  • Cavalier die mechanics. The cavalier's unique rules are not Open Game Content.
  • Shield bashes. Rules for players who use a shield as a weapon, and statistics for player shields that can be used as weapons, are not Open Game Content. However, the gladiator NPC and lizardfolk creature use shields as weapons and include the minimum statistics necessary for a GM to make attacks with shields.
  • The spells compulsion (eldritch invocations), counterspell (archmage), fire bolt (archmage, mage), goodberry (dryad), and sphere of annihilation (traps) remain unlinked because rules for them in this system were not released in the reference document and are not Open Game Content. The spells' names remain in this SRD because the terms were declared as Open Game Content elsewhere in this system's reference document or in a previous reference document.

Release notes

0.8 (2016-02-18)

Added basic JSON for monsters and fixed numerous missing punctuation issues in creature and monster descriptions.

New content

  • Structured creatures, monsters, and nonplayer characters in JSON format. Monsters are structured by name, size category, type and subtype, alignment (by ethics and morality), and challenge (by challenge rating and XP value).


  • Closed mismatched parentheses for senses, average damages, and ability checks in creature and monster descriptions. These were leftover from the poor automated conversion of the source PDF's corrupted text.

Known issues

  • The monster JSON omits all other monster statistics and descriptions.
  • The spell JSON omits descriptions and spell effect radius shapes and sizes, as these are not structured in the source data.
  • The magic item JSON omits descriptions and attunement details, as these are not structured in the source data.
  • The magic item filter shows giant slayer when filtering by any axe, but not when filtering by any sword.
  • Navigation in the paginated HTML version is generally poor.
  • The DOCX version needs some formatting tweaks, particularly around sidebars.
  • The single-page HTML document's length causes problems on some mobile browsers, especially on resource-limited devices. Try the ePub and paginated versions as alternatives.
  • Tables are mostly HTML instead of Markdown in this repo, due to the strenuous use of multi-line content in the source material's tables. The Markdown file in this repo is generated from a copy that uses Pandoc's multiline_tables extension. Once all content is incorporated and organized, I'll add those source files to this repo.
  • PDF output uses wkhtmltopdf for now. The Alegreya font family doesn't embed successfully, it provides inconsistent control over line breaks, and when italicized text follows a space, the space is lost due to wkhtmltopdf bugs.

0.7 (2016-02-16)

Added JSON for magic items and a magic item filter.

New content

  • Structured magic items in JSON format, listing each item's name, type, subtype, rarity, and whether it requires attunement, as well as the relative URL to the paged HTML document.
  • A magic item filter that lets you interactively search, sort, and filter magic items by these traits.
  • Links to chapters and sections refer to custom IDs that are more unique and stable than the automatically generated IDs. This adds some Pandoc-specific markup to the Markdown source.


  • Removed extraneous casting time options from the spell filter.

0.6.2 (2016-02-10)

Fixed missing ACs and AC modifiers in the Armor table, and some formatting in monster descriptions.

0.6.1 (2016-02-08)

Cleaned up several spell descriptions and improved the spell filter.

New content

  • The spell filter's styles line up with the rest of the HTML versions, and looks better on mobile.


  • Reduced the class duplication in some spell descriptions.
  • Fixed incorrect classes in some spell descriptions, to match the spell lists.

0.6 (2016-02-05)

Adds JSON for spells, classes in spell descriptions, and a (very rudimentary) spell filter page.

New content


  • Small formatting fixes, like quotation marks around section and chapter references.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • Some classes were listed twice in spell descriptions.
  • Several spells had incorrect classes listed in the spell descriptions.

0.5.1 (2016-01-31)

Fixed many links in both the single-page and paginated HTML documents.


  • Many internal links in the paginated version are fixed, and reference links in the Markdown versions should easier to use.

Known issues (since fixed)

  • A few spells rendered poorly in some browsers.

0.5 (2016-01-31)

Added DOCX and paginated HTML formats.

New content


  • Fixed missing boldfacing and line breaks in the descriptions of the treant and two mephits.
  • Fixed more corrupted hyphens in the monster descriptions.
  • Adjusted the organization of chapters and topics.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • Many internal links in the paginated version were broken, and navigation is generally poor.

0.4.2 (2016-01-26)

Fixed some lingering typos inherited from the source material, removed another piece of protected content, and added links.

New content

  • Links for many section references (such as see "Conditions").


  • Fixed a typo from the source document in the pit trap description.
  • Fixed hyphens corrupted by the source document's poor text encoding in several monster descriptions.
  • Removed a reference to a protected creature from the Monster Construction page.

0.4.1 (2016-01-25)

Continued italicizing and linking spells, fixed some formatting issues, and adjusted PDF output.

New content

  • The PDF now has narrower margins, a footer, and page numbers.


  • Added missing links and italics to spells on monsters and creatures, and linked previously italicized spells.
  • Replaced more references to protected plane names from spell descriptions.
  • Replaced a protected demon name in the maze spell description.

0.4 (2016-01-25)

Added spell links and italicized spells.

New content

  • Spells included in the SRD are linked within the markdown source and single-page HTML output. These links appear to work in the epub and PDF versions as well.


  • The shatter spell was missing. This version includes it.
  • Spells and some magic items are italicized.
  • Fixed a typo that existed in the source material.
  • Fixed a table in the Sorcerous Origins section.
  • Replaced a reference to a protected spell in a Sorcerer class example.
  • Replaced references to a protected spell in the Eldritch Invocations section with the made-up spell name eldritch beam.
  • Replaced references to a protected spell in the druid NPC's spells and unicorn's innate spellcasting with guidance.
  • Replaced a reference to a protected smite spell in the necklace of prayer beads with a brief description of its effects.
  • Replaced protected proper names in generic examples for spells and spellcasting.
  • Replaced references to a protected spell in a Ranger class example with a different spell.
  • Replaced references to a protected spell in the ring of animal influence and potion of animal friendship with charm animal, an Open Game Content spell of a similar name and function. Neither spell is documented as Open Game Content for this edition, so the spell is unlinked and statistics aren't provided. The ideal solution is to create or use an open content spell with the same function.

0.3.2 (2016-01-22)

Reorganized uncategorized monsters to make them more navigable from the Table of Contents.


  • Previously, The Markdown SRD5 organized monsters the same way as the original document, which did not designate the end of a group of monsters. (For instance, the ankheg entry is under the Animated Objects heading, even though it isn't an animated object, because there isn't a 3rd-level heading between it and the rug of smothering.) This version moves unorganized monsters to their own section.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • There are no links.
  • Most references to spells weren't yet properly italicized.

0.3.1 (2016-01-22)

Fixed repetitive creatures.


  • The list of miscellaneous creatures, generated from individual files for each creature, was rendered twice as a previous version of the compiled file was rendered with them. This release removed this redundant list.

0.3 (2016-01-21)

Adds Monster, Creature, and NPC descriptions.

New content

  • Descriptions for each monster, miscellaneous creature, and NPC in the SRD. This SRD's contents should be complete when compared to the original publisher's first release.


  • CSS adjustments to font embedding and tables.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • Parentheses for many creatures' and monsters' senses, average damage values, and ability checks were imbalanced, namely with a closed parentheses but no opening parentheses. This was due to the poor text encoding in the source PDF, which caused readers to either omit spaces or transpose them with parentheses, hyphens, other punctuation, or even other letters.
  • Due to a processing issue, the list of miscellaneous creatures was included multiple times.
  • The document width expanded to fit tables on narrow viewports, forcing users to scroll to reach the return-to-top button.

0.2.1 (2016-01-19)

Adds Monster and NPC sections, but no descriptions.

New content

  • The creature ability, monster creation, and monster and NPC advancement rules from the Monster, Legendary Monster, and Nonplayer Character sections.
  • CSS! The entire document is styled, as are the PDF and ePub versions.
  • The TOC at the top of the single-page HTML version is now collapsible, and a return-to-top button floats at the top right corner.


  • Numerous formatting issues, particularly around incorrect line and paragraph breaks.
  • Overlapping table headings in the PDF are fixed.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • Monsters, creatures, and NPCs weren't yet included.
  • Spell descriptions, magic items, and monsters suffered the most in the text conversion process and needed additional proofing.

0.2 (2016-01-18)

Adds Magic Items and continues rooting out protected content.

New content

  • Magic Items, Magic Item Descriptions, Sentient Magic Items, and Artifacts sections.
  • A citation for the previous System Reference Document, which provides several terms as open content that are not provided or cited by the new System Reference Document.
  • The completed content so far, as a simple, single-page, GitHub Pages-hosted HTML document. The Table of Contents is searchable using Jets.js, and you can save the document and use it (and the TOC search) offline.
  • An ePub 2 version, only tested in iBooks.


  • Removed plane-related protected content.
  • Removed protected creature, item, and artifact names. Welcome the hooked hulk and eyestalker!
  • Fixed numerous formatting issues.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • PDF output had issues with page-spanning tables.

0.1 (2016-01-17)

Initial release, containing all content except the Monsters and Magic Items sections.


  • Removed proper names of people and places that are protected PI, particularly in the Spell Descriptions section.
  • Generalized references to content not included in the SRD, such as notes directing the reader to omitted class features at the end of a class description.
  • Modified references to books and book chapters to instead refer to sections within the SRD.
  • Un-hyphenated thunderwave throughout.
  • Moved all content about objects into a single section.

Known issues (since resolved)

  • Magic items weren't yet included.
  • ACs and AC modifiers for heavy armor and shields were omitted.

Credits and software licenses

The HTML versions use Jets.js (MIT license) by Denis Lukov for TOC search, and CollapsibleLists.js (CC0 1.0) by Stephen Morley. The filters use Dynatable by Alfa Jango, under the GNU Affero GPL. The HTML and ePub versions use the fonts Alegreya and Alegreya Sans (SIL Open Font License v1.10), copyright 2011 and 2013 by Juan Pablo del Peral. See and the other licensing files in this repo for details.


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