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All-in-one docker image for Ubiquiti UNMS. Supports x86_64 and ARM (Raspberry Pi).
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Docker UNMS

This is an all-in-one Docker image for running the Ubiquiti Network Management System. This image contains all the components required to run UNMS in a single container and uses the s6-overlay for process management.

This image will run on most platforms that support Docker including Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows, Synology DSM and Raspberry Pi boards.


docker run \
  -p 80:80 \
  -p 443:443 \
  -p 2055:2055/udp \
  -e TZ=<timezone> \
  -v </path/to/config>:/config \

Raspberry Pi / ARMv7

This image will also allow you to run UNMS on a Raspberry Pi or other Docker-enabled ARMv7/8 devices by using the armhf tag.

docker run -d --name unms -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 2055:2055/udp -v </path/to/config>:/config oznu/unms:armhf


The parameters are split into two halves, separated by a colon, the left hand side representing the host and the right the container side.

  • -v </path/to/config>:/config - The persistent data location, the database, certs and logs will be stored here
  • -p 80:80 - Expose the HTTP web server port on the docker host
  • -p 443:443 - Expose the HTTPS and WSS web server port on the docker host
  • -p 2055:2055/udp - Expose the Netflow port on the docker host
  • -e TZ - for timezone information e.g. -e TZ=Europe/London

Optional Settings:

  • -e DEMO=false - Enable UNMS demo mode
  • -e PUBLIC_HTTPS_PORT=443 - This should match the HTTPS port your are exposing to on the docker host
  • -e PUBLIC_WS_PORT=443 - This should match the HTTPS port your are exposing to on the docker host
  • -e SECURE_LINK_SECRET= - Random key for secure link module. Set this to something random.


The Docker image, oznu/unms, is not maintained by or affiliated with Ubiquiti Networks. You should not expect any support from Ubiquiti when running UNMS using this image.

  • In-app upgrades will not work. You can upgrade UNMS by downloading the latest version of this image.
  • Device firmware upgrades initiated from UNMS may not work (#7).

Docker Compose

version: '2'
    image: oznu/unms:latest  # use "armhf" instead of "latest" for arm devices
    restart: always
      - 80:80
      - 443:443
      - 2055:2055/udp
      - TZ=Australia/Sydney
      - ./volumes/unms:/config
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