@ozok ozok released this Sep 24, 2016 · 7 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Fixed: Could not download lyrics from metrolyrics
  • Added: Increased EQ presets' precision
  • Updated: bass headers
  • Removed: Pipes used to control other processes
  • Removed: TAK support

@ozok ozok released this Feb 10, 2016 · 11 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Added: New UI
  • Added: Bitrate, channel, codec and samplerate columns to playlist
  • Added: Equalizer
  • Added: Last.fm scrobbling support
  • Added: Queue has priorty over all methods
  • Added: position text is now in a box (less flicking)
  • Added: New icons
  • Added: Max volume level is now 200%
  • Added: Clicking prev button will play previous shuffle item in shuffle mode
  • Added: TFileInfo to show file info through right click menu (TFileInfo is a separate tool)
  • Added: Button to reload song title and artist to lyric search boxes
  • Added: Moved all cover art code to a separate thread
  • Added: Buttons to move between external cover art files
  • Added: Error msgs in case program is unable to load external dlls
  • Added: Radio list columns will resize according to form resize
  • Added: Radio list virtual mode
  • Added: Func to remove files that no longer exist from playlists
  • Added: Actively played file in the playlist will have bold font
  • Added: Each playlist now has its own file index
  • Added: Tag editor (not finished yet)
  • Improved: search could not find some results if text contained non-ansi chars
  • Improved: tfileinfo will try to change skin before loading file
  • Fixed: Couldn't load m4a files using drag and drop
  • Fixed: Couldn't copy radio stations to appdata folder
  • Fixed: lyrics downloaded from azlyrics contained extra data
  • Fixed: Taskbar buttons sometimes failed to load
  • Fixed: Making left panel visible didn't restore splitters position
  • Fixed: Some radio stations could not be shown because their names contained some special chars used by OooPlayer
  • Fixed: Queue list menu wasnt working
  • Fixed: Some problems that occured if no playlists were available
  • Fixed: Lyric list scrollbars weren't placed properly so some text was always missing
  • Fixed: Program going on an infinite-loop when a playlist was removed
  • Fixed: Clicking on a taskbar button would make other buttons to disappear
  • Fixed: Category pages was not changed according to selected play mode
  • Fixed: Double quote was not escaped in lyric texts
  • Fixed: AV while reading bmp artwork
  • Fixed: Couldnt download from azlyrics
  • Updated: User agent in lyric downloader
  • Removed: Skins

@ozok ozok released this Apr 29, 2015 · 46 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

OooPlayer 2.2.0 alpha1
Quite buggy but includes the new UI and many other improvements and additions