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Marketplace Search and Discovery Page

#Marketplace Overview This guide provides an introduction and instructions for using the OZONE Store’s general features and functions. Separate guides explain administrative features and configuration settings. This document references the Store (the term Store is used interchangeably with Marketplace). The Store can operate as an independent application or within the OZONE Widget Framework (OWF). This document will explain the different operations of the Store when used independently or as an integrated program with OWF.

#Resources ##Getting Started Build Instructions
The Build Instructions describe the installation and build base for the project.

Release Notes

Feature Improvement Overview This document summarizes improvements from version 7.0.1 to 7.15.0.

##Using Marketplace The User's Guide provides basic instructions for using Marketplace including creating and searching for listings.

##Administering Marketplace The Administrator's Guide explains how to send notifications; approve/return listings; make listings searchable (the enable/disable feature); and customize the create/edit listing form.

##Configuring Marketplace The Quick Start Guide provides brief instructions for developers who want to quickly configure a local instance of the store.

The Configuration Guide The Configuration Guide explains installation, database information, upgrade instructions and configuration instructions including basic session timeouts, notifications, ElasticSearch, logging and scheduled imports.

##Contact Information and Community Support FAQs OZONE Community Support Team

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