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##OWF Overview OWF allows users to easily access their online tools (widgets) from one location. This user-customized framework is ideal for organizing and arranging widgets that are essential in a user's workflow. Workflow function increases through OWF's ability to configure applications to interact with each other. Lastly, OWF makes it easy to share tools and resources between users and groups.

The OWF GitHub Wiki provides resources for the following types of users:

  • Users seeking basic overviews and instructions about working in OWF
  • Administrators creating and maintaining user accounts, groups, stacks and group dashboards from the user interface
  • Systems Administrators and Developers installing, configuring, customizing and extending OWF from the back-end infrastructure
  • Widget Developers creating, customizing and uploading widgets

##Getting Started Build Instructions
The Build Instructions describe the installation and build base for the project.

Tested Browsers
The Ozone Quality Assurance Team tests OWF against the listed browsers.

[OWF Release Notes] (

##User's Guide User's Guide
The User's Guide provides basic instructions for using OWF specifically widgets, dashboards and Marketplace.

Administering OWF

Administrator's Guide
The Administrator's Guide explains how to create and maintain widget, user and group data in OWF as well as connecting to Marketplace(s).

Configuring OWF

Quick Start Guide The Quick Start Guide provides brief instructions for developers who want to quickly configure a local instance of OWF.

Configuration Guide
The Configuration Guide explains basic OWF architectures, and provides instructions to install and customize the application.

Upgrade Instructions--Appendix A of OWF Configuration Guide
You'll find instructions for upgrading from earlier versions of OWF in the Appendix A of the Configuration Guide.

Configuring Help Content
A one-page overview explaining how to configure help within OWF.

##Developing Widgets for OWF Widget Developer's Guide
The Developer's Guide provides instructions for creating, customizing and integrating widgets into OWF.

##Contact Information and Community Support FAQs OWF Community Support Team Contact information and guidance

Repository of Community Troubleshooting Answers

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