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OZONE Metrics Service

OZONE Metrics Service is designed to collect OWF metrics; metrics are quantitative records of individual interactions inside OWF. Developers can configure OWF to collect a variety user metrics including, but not limited to, log date and time, metric name and type, user ID and component/widget ID. OWF metrics are stored on a Metrics web application server. Currently, OWF captures widget view metrics, which is data pertaining to the number of user views for a particular widget, and a summary of this data can be seen via the View Metrics Widget. Furthermore, developers can create their own metric types to be captured by OWF.

Information on setting up, installing and configuring OZONE Metrics Services is found in the following links.

Integrating the Metrics Service into OWF
Pluggable Security
Metrics Service Security

Metrics with Graph Tab     Metrics Widget

Figures: Metrics Widget with Graph Tab Displaying the Date Switcher and Metrics Widget with Tab Cloud